Omar Qazi | Web Portfolio

AMDD Program @ Columbia University

After seeing my work with RAISE, the AMDD Program came calling to ask for my help to perform a complete overhaul on their website. This was not just a simple redesign, though. AMDD had changed considerably since their website was launched, and was in need of a brand new mission statement, as well as a new look and all new content.

The website project served as a catlyst to determine who AMDD currently was, and what their goals were. Through many meetings and many revisions, we came up with a clean modern design, a simplified information architecture, and new content with a clear focus.

From the back-end perspective, I used Acquia's Drupal solution as a CMS. I selected this system after a thorough evaluation, as AMDD had become very excited about the possibilities of their new website. We came up with wonderful ideas about how we could enhance the website in the future for team interaction, discussions, and learning. With its huge userbase and availabilty of modules, Drupal was the perfect choice.

I built a custom theme from scratch for Drupal. As with any other system, Drupal had its own way of doing everything, and so I completely absorbed myself in the Drupal environment while working on this project.

The results were immediate. Within the team, morale was raised with a website that finally reflected the professional image that AMDD had worked so hard to build around the world. Within two months, traffic to shot up over 1000%, the truest measure of success.

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